Diving around Krabi: Breathtaking dive sites

Krabi is one of the most frequented dive sites in Thailand – and not without reason. After all, there are a number of local dive sites that beg to be explored. But also neighboring diving reefs like the spectacular island group Koh Phi Phi are only just a stone’s throw away. But what exactly can divers expect in Krabi? What kind of diving is required for most of the dive sites? What dive sites are there at all and when is the best time to visit them? We will answer the most important questions concerning the dive site Krabi!

Dive site Krabi: What awaits me?

Krabi not only has to offer picturesque beaches that invite you to relax and sunbathe, but also a vast amount of diving spots. The boat trips to the dive sites of the area usually set off from Ao Nang. The dive sites generally offer the following conditions:

  • In most dive sites there is no or only a slight current.
  • The underwater visibility is often up to 20 meters.
  • The wealth of marine life provides for diversified dives.
  • Snorkelers also get their money’s worth in the area.
  • The depths of the nearby dive sites vary between 5 and 25 meters.
  • The water temperature is around 84F (29°C).

Who is the dive boat suitable for?

The area around Krabi is particularly suitable for beginners. There are some dive sites with a comparatively shallow depth, which nevertheless offer a very lush underwater life. In addition, there are hardly any significant currents. Experienced divers who are looking for more challenging dive sites will find just the same in the Krabi area. In the Phi Phi islands, which are easily accessible from Krabi, you’ll also find dive sites that require a larger experience.

When is the best time for diving?

It is possible to dive around Krabi all year round. The best diving conditions are between November and April. Outside the season, the monsoon winds spill the water, so the visibility tends to decrease somewhat. However, many diving schools offer boat trips to the dive sites around Krabi, at this time of the year.

What diving spots are available?

There are seven islands around Krabi, each with its own worthwhile diving areas. Koh Ha, for example, is known for its coral reefs. After all, 60 different coral species grow in the area, home to a number of bustling crabs and shrimps.

The southern part of Koh Si is also a very recommendable diving spot, where numerous snappers and perches make their way. Corrals have settled on two plateaus, which offer a great panorama for underwater pictures. With some luck, divers may be able to spot scorpion fish and seahorses.

In the west of Koh Dor, on the other hand, chances are to get a look at a blacktip reef shark, which are considered very shy. But even without a shark sighting, the dive site has so much to offer, thanks to the different types of coral that cover the seabed and are the main attraction for numerous marine life.

Additionally, you always may travel further away, together with your diving school, in order to explore more distant dive sites!