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Our Partners

We at DiveNow want to teach you not only the dry diving theory via eLearning. Rather, we also want you to learn the practice from competent instructors. We are therefore working together with numerous partners around the world to get you underwater quickly and competently! Here is a list of all our dive partners. You can find out more about our partners below.

No theory without practice

At DiveNow, you have the opportunity to complete all the theory courses for your planned diving certificate online. So, you can learn from your home at your own pace – and don't waste your valuable holiday time on dry theory. But the practice remains, of course, the most essential part of every diving certificate. For this reason, we work together with experienced partners around the world who will give you the diving theory competently!

This is what distinguishes our partners

No question, all our partners are different and partly a different diving focus. However, some points are common to all of our partners. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • All of our partners are certified by SSI. This means you can easily have your completed theory courses approved!
  • High quality and safety standards are self-evident!
  • You are assisted by trained instructors with experience.
  • Our partners will teach you the diving practice on the spot – at the most beautiful diving spots you can imagine!
  • We also pay attention to the price/performance ratio that is appropriate for the respective location.

Got you interested? Just search for our partners at the dive site of your choice! In principle you can complete the practical part of your diving training at every SSI-certified diving center worldwide.