Diving in Phuket – So beautiful is the Thai diving area

Tropical fish, seahorses, colorful coral gardens and fascinating rock formations: Hardly a diving area is as diverse as Phuket. Around the largest Thai island, there are countless diving spots that want to be explored! We show you why Phuket is a destination par excellence for (incoming) divers – and introduce you the most beautiful diving areas around the island!

Theory at home, practice on Phuket Vacation!

Before you can plunge into the blue glowing water of Phuket and learn to dive on the spot, you have to complete the necessary theory! Practical: The theory for your desired diving courses can be done easily at Divenow online – and from your home. So you can concentrate on the essentials as part of your Phuket holiday: exploring the dreamy diving areas of the region under the guidance of professional divers. You can get directly to our online courses here.

Diving around Phuket: This is what you need to know

No question, Phuket offers plenty of spots for newbie divers as well as for experienced divers which scores with a stunning breathtaking underwater variety. Just to mention a few highlights that await you in the waters around Phuket:

  • Phuket has numerous diving areas. While some of them are near the beach, the most spectacular are a little further outside – and can only be reached by boat.
  • Most of the diving spots have a slight to moderate difficulty level. The maximum dive depth is 18 to 30 meters.
  • Fascinating rock formations and spectacular steep walls provide for diversified dives.
  • Caves and fairy-tale wrecks want to be explored.
  • The tropical fish diversity could hardly be greater. In the Andaman Sea, you will meet countless underwater creatures – from skates and seahorses to manta rays, to leopard sharks and whale sharks!
  • Colorful coral gardens, with tropical fish swimming, provide the perfect backdrop for spectacular underwater photos – with a visibility of up to 60 meters!

The most beautiful diving areas at a glance

Phuket has a whole range of diving spots, of which the multifaceted underwater world always astonishes the experienced divers. This includes, in particular, the following areas.

  • Phi Phi Islands: Around the Phi Phi Islands are numerous caves, waiting to be explored. This also applies to the inhabitants of the caves!
  • Anemone Reef: The name suggests it: In the Anemone Reef you will find countless colorful anemones and soft corals between which tropical fish are swimming.
  • Shark Point: In Shark Point, you’ll find a variety of marine life that is unrivaled. In addition to corals and anemones, you can even see a leopard shark with some luck!
  • Racha Yai: Red lionfish, puffer fish, rays, coral, and Co.: Racha Yai is a true paradise for divers, who value the highest possible biodiversity.
  • Racha Noi: Also in the diving spots of Racha Noi you will find numerous marine life. The spectacular rocks of the area are covered with innumerable corals between which colorful reef fishes live. With a lot of luck, you can even see a whale shark – one of the most majestic sea dwellers ever!

By the way: Our partner Sea Bees controls all of the mentioned dive spots. So you learn the practical side of diving in the most beautiful diving areas of Thailand!

Phuket: More than just diving area

Even the most beautiful diving day comes to an end. Good to know that Phuket has a lot to offer besides its breathtaking diving areas. Here

  • you will find countless fantastic beaches – just off the typical tourist spots.
  • you can visit temples and other cultural highlights.
  • you have the opportunity to explore the famous nightlife of Phuket.
  • you will find viewpoints that allow a fantastic view of the spectacular coastline of Phuket.

So you can be sure that in Phuket boredom, even on dive-free days remains a foreign word!

Dive spots on Phuket