Pak Meng: A special diving experience

Pak Meng offers paradise-like conditions for your diving holiday. Most of the dive sites are not yet overcrowded and contain a multi-faceted underwater world, which offer numerous unique highlights! We will show you what to expect when diving around Pak Meng.

What makes Pak Meng so special?

Even if Pak Meng is no longer the insider tip it was some time ago – the area has still retained much of its originality. This is already apparent at Pak Meng Beach, from where the dive sites of the area set off. Although the small town is touristic, it still has a cosy, almost nostalgic atmosphere to it. After all, many Thais still visit the place at weekends.

However, Pak Meng also has a lot to offer underwater that sets the area positively apart from other diving reefs. In addition to the idyllic dive sites of the area, this particularly applies to the lively underwater world. Thus, with some luck, you might be able to observe rare Dugongs near Pak Meng. Of these gentle giants only a few specimens worldwide are left, which makes an encounter with them ever so special.

Diving in Pak Meng: What the local underwater world has to offer

There are a number of dive sites around Pak Meng, which can be reached by boat in a short time. Koh Rok Nai and Ko Rok Nok are famous for their hard corals. If you are looking for a variety of marine life Hin Nok and Ko Mook are just the place for you.

Moreover, Ko Ha, consisting of five-islands, offers an extended dive tour. After all, divers here encounter spectacular underwater panoramas, which are ideal for underwater pictures.

One of the indisputable highlights in the Pak Meng region are the neighbouring dive sites Hin Muang and Hin Daeng. These are two large underwater rocks around which a number of marine animals have settled. All around the fantastic soft corals and anemones, huge schools of fish bustle around. If you dive deeper, you can also observe rays and leopard sharks, and with some luck, one might even see a majestic whale shark in Hin Muang and Hin Daeng!

Sea Bees: Dive with our partner on site

Do you want to spend your diving holiday in Pak Meng and complete the practice section of the DiveNow theory lessons? No problem! Our partner, Sea Bees, will ensure that you will be treated wonderfully on site and will be able to explore the fascinating dive sites around Pak Meng!

Pak Meng: Why you won’t get bored after diving!

By the way: Even after diving or on dive-free days, you will not get bored in Pak Meng! There are many excursion possibilities. You can, for example:

  • relax at the dream-like beaches of Pak Meng.
  • explore the lively Pak Meng Beach.
  • visit the nearby city of Trang, where you’ll find delicious food, nice markets and great shopping opportunities.
  • get to know the Hat Chao Mai National Park, which includes sea turtles and rare bird species.

The highlight of your trip to Pak Meng will undoubtedly be the breath taking diving spots of the area.