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The Facts

As you know for a diving certificate it is not just necessary to attend hands-on courses on-site, but also to learn the theory. Our mission is that you save valuable time during your holidays. We manage to do that by giving you the option to take all theory lessons online and before your holidays.

The Founders

Hi. We are the founders of DiveNow and we are passionate divers. We all own several diver certificates and know best how a fantastic diving experience should feel like.

David Richter

Karsten Knorr

Ready to dive?

We do everything to offer the best diving experience for you.



Altough our history consists of a lot of ups and downs we like to share it with you.

Everything began in a classroom

In 2015 Karsten and me sat in a classroom to complete the theory part of our DiveMaster course. While the weather was fantastic outside, we asked ourselves, why we didn’t learn at home - or at least late in the night when there are not so many other awesome things to do.

Still having theory-hours lieing in front of us for several days, we started to think how this unfortunate dive-theory-situation could be improved. Starting from the time when people enroll in a course till the day they may finally go underwater and explore the next coral reef or wreck.

In this minute the idea of DiveNow was born and everything began.