Other Locations

Diving in sites worldwide - no problem with the DiveNow theory

Admittedly, the selection of the sites described on our site is still … let’s say manageable. This should not prevent you, however, to complete your diving practice in diving sites apart from those already described. After all, thanks to the DiveNow theoretical course, the diving world is open to you!

With DiveNow you can dive around the world

Although we have not yet come to present you tips and insider tips from all diving sites, this does not mean that you can not dive there! On the contrary. If you have completed a theory course via eLearning at DiveNow, you can take your practice in diving centers around the world. Why? Very simple. We work with PADI and SSI, the two most prestigious and globally represented diving associations. As dive centers around the world train according to their standards, you can take your diving practice almost anywhere!

Further site descriptions will follow - promised!

Why have we so far limited ourselves to the description of so few sites? This is because we are very busy in making our website even clearer and giving you a first class diving experience! For example, we scout around the world for diving centers, which we can especially recommend for your diving practice. This successive expansion of our Partner Network eats a lot of time. However, we are making good progress and will soon introduce you to other diving sites in detail on our website.