Areas – Diving on the most beautiful spots around the world

No question, our planet is in the first place blue – and offers fascinating diving reefs in countries around the world. While some areas enjoy great popularity, others are still considered real insider tips. On the following pages you can get a first impression of the character of the respective areas. At the same time, we will inform you about it in the following structure:

  • Countries – A list of the countries that are best suited for a diving holiday.
    • Diving areas – Each country is broken down into the areas you can explore.
      • Diving spots – Each area usually has different diving spots. We will also come back to these explicitly.

We are trying to keep our areas and dive spots always up to date and expanding!

Discover diving areas around the world

Fantastic diving areas are available in different countries. After all, there are great diving spots not only on the edge of the oceans, but also in some lakes. So it is up to you to decide where you want to complete your practical diving education. You should only consider the difficulty level of the respective areas or dive spots as well as the type of underwater world that you would like to explore.

Our diving areas: That’s what awaits you

The diving areas, which we would like to introduce to you in the following, could hardly be more different. Basically,

  • a fascinating underwater world awaits you in all areas – from colorful reef fish to shipwrecks.
  • the designated areas have a developed maritime infrastructure, which allows you to dive safely.
  • in principle, there are SSI-certified diving bases in all areas, so you can easily complete the practice part of your diving training on site.

We hope you enjoy exploring the underwater worlds of our areas!