Thailand: a diving area full of multifaceted nature

There is hardly any area waiting with such a versatility as Thailand. Just – but not only – in the Andaman Sea and around Phuket, there are hundreds of diving spots to be explored. We want to give you a small impression of Thailand at this point – even if it can be a snapshot at best due to the multifaceted nature of the Thai dive landscape.

Diving in Thailand – That’s what awaits you

The Thai dive area is so large and versatile that it is possible to locate suitable dive spots at any time of the year. In general, you can expect the following in Thailand:

  • The special geographical location of Thailand allows you to find suitable diving spots all year round.
  • The maritime infrastructure is superbly developed. In each of the most beautiful dive areas, you will find numerous dive bases that allow you to explore the most fantastic dive spots in Thailand.
  • The underwater life in Thailand is simply unique. Depending on the area, colorful anemones, corals, ball fish, leopard sharks, rays, reef fish, majestic rock formations, mysterious shipwrecks and much more awaits you.
  • The fact that the costs in Thailand – both for food and for dives – are within limits, still speaks for the dive nation.

Not without reason Thailand is known worldwide as one of the best diving destinations and attracts countless avid divers from countries around the globe.

The most beautiful dive areas in Thailand – a small selection

Thailand has a variety of diving areas that are worth exploring. As the large areas usually include several dozens, if not hundreds, dive spots, a holiday is hardly enough to explore the underwater world of a whole area. We present some of the most beautiful areas in a nutshell.

Similan Islands

Located about 90 kilometers northwest of Phuket, the Similan Islands extend – a top-class area for diving. The nine Similan Islands, part of the national park Mu Koh Similan, offer countless diving spots, which want to be explored. Among them are spots of different levels of difficulty. Thus, the famous “Elephant Head Rock” is suitable for experienced diver’s due to strong currents. On the Similan Islands, you will find a colorful underwater world in which not only manta rays but also majestic whale sharks can be sighted – with the corresponding luck, of course.


The island of Phuket is considered a diving area par excellence. To name just a few of the most popular and worthwhile dive spots:

  • Shark Point: The dive spot bears his name rightly. After all, you have the chance to see one of the legendary leopard sharks!
  • Racha Yai: Racha Yai scores with a diversity of species that is unparalleled. Between and above colorful corals there are ball-fish, lionfish, rays and numerous other sea-inhabitants.
  • Racha Noi: In Racha Noi you will find colorful reef fish, fantastic rock formations and the chance to see a whale shark with your own eyes.
  • Anemone Reef: Anemone Reef is a habitat of numerous soft corals and tropical fish.

Koh Surin

The five islands of Surin are waiting with numerous diving spots. Just in the east are many easy-to-explore spots, which are almost predestined for diving beginners. On the west coast, which is traversed by currents, experienced divers find a welcome challenge. In addition to corals, manta rays and a lively underwater life, the archipelago of Koh Surin scores with a further peculiarity: Nowhere else in Thailand is it more likely to get a sight on a whale shark!

Phi Phi Isands

Also on the Phi Phi Islands, you will find a colorful underwater world that will astonish you. The special feature is that there are numerous caves to be explored – together with the colorful underwater world that is located here!

Diving in Thailand: the agony of choice

In Thailand, there are numerous dive bases certified by SSI. In each of these dive centers, you can complete the practice of your theory lessons that you have completed with us. Of course, you can also search for a suitable diving center with our partners. The Sea Bees, for example, are predestined for several dive bases.