Koh Samui: Island paradise in the Gulf of Thailand

Located in the middle of the Gulf of Thailand, the island of Koh Samui enjoys a first-class reputation in the diving community – and quite rightly so! Here you will find excellent diving conditions, a versatile underwater world and dive sites with different degrees of difficulty!

Diving around Koh Samui: That’s what awaits you

Koh Samui is a paradise not only for land vacationers. Even underwater divers come across here on a real Eldorado. In the following, we would like to give you a small taste of what awaits you in the diving area.

  • The underwater world of Koh Samui could hardly be more multifaceted. Reefs, colorful corals, huge fish shoals and fascinating underwater landscapes await you!
  • Visibility of up to 35 meters is not a rarity on good days!
  • From easy to difficult: For every level of experience you can find the right dive site around Koh Samui.
  • Most of the dive sites around Koh Samui can easily be reached by the dive boats of the local diving schools.

Diving season: In these months, the diving conditions are optimal

Since Koh Samui is protected in the Gulf of Thailand, diving is possible all year round. However, the best conditions are from March to September. If you want to spend a holiday in Koh Samui off of the season in October, you have to expect less visibility through increased waves.

Between November and February the view under water usually decreases still further. The reason: monsoon winds and heavy rains. Anyone who is looking for good visibility should therefore avoid this period.

3 dive sites that could hardly be more beautiful

There are a number of dive sites around Koh Samui that you would like to explore. We present three of the most beautiful diving spots!

1.) Koh Yippon – Multi-faceted diving spot with amazing biodiversity

Koh Yippon is equally popular with divers and snorkelers. With a protected position and a maximum depth of 18 meters, you can expect very good visibility. There may be weak currents in places. The underwater world of Koh Yippon could hardly be more colorful. Amongst other you can expect:

  • Rays
  • Yellowtail Barracudas
  • Anemones
  • Soft corals
  • Sponges
  • Fusiliers and
  • Parrotfish

By the way, the dive site is located in the middle of Mu Ko Ang Thong National Park, just a few kilometers from Koh Samui. Here are also some more interesting diving spots!

2.) Sail Rock: Fantastic underwater shots guaranteed

No less known as Koh Yippon is Sail Rock. The granite rock, which rises 12 meters from the water, offers marine life a protected habitat. Underwater photographers are sure to get their money’s worth! You can sail in Sail Rock among other things:

  • Anemone fish
  • Barracudas
  • Mackerels
  • Batfish
  • Fusilier swarms
  • Colorful corals and (with some luck)
  • Whale Sharks

As there are no other rocks, Sail Rock attracts as many marine creatures as hardly any other dive site in the Gulf of Thailand.

3.) Koh Wao – The dragon island

Last but not least, Koh Wao – also known as the Dragon Island – is a first class dive site. Between the corals and boulders are innumerable fish. The diving spot also captivates with its calm waters and the mild current.

Koh Samui: Not only attractive for divers

No question, Koh Samui is a diving district par excellence. But even a diving holiday can not be filled with dives. Good to know, that Koh Samui is not only known for its fantastic dive sites! Also, the nightlife of the island is legendary! On dive-free days, the many dream beaches of the island invite you to relax and sunbathe.