Koh Lipe: The small diving area is so beautiful

It’s so much going on around the small island of Koh Lipe regarding diving. We will show you what awaits you on Koh Lipe and introduce you to some of the most beautiful dive sites in the area!

Koh Lipe: a true island dream

Often, the slogan of the “dream island” is used too lightly, so that it now has an almost hackneyed notion. In the case of Koh Lipe, however, it is, in fact, true – and this is true not only for the fantastic beaches of the island. Also, the nearby diving spots have it in itself! From Koh Lipe, you can reach many dive sites with different degrees of difficulty. The dive bases on the island bring you with their boats to the dive site of your choice. Of course, you can easily make the practice part of your eLearning course.

Koh Lipe: Three breathtaking dive sites in a short portrait

The small island of Koh Lipe has an amazing density of dive sites with different degrees of difficulty. We present three of the most fascinating diving spots!

1.) Koh Pung – Dive sites for many levels of experience

There are also several worthwhile dive sites, which are aimed at divers with a different huge experience. Well-known is the rocky Koh Pung for its great soft corals. In addition, divers have the opportunity to spot pipefish, manta ray, and octopuses. The minimum dive depth is five meters, the maximum is 30 meters.

2.) Stonehenge – Amazing diversity of species

In front of the east coast of Koh Lipe is Stonehenge, which is usually impressive with good visibility and a high biodiversity. In addition to moray eels and barracudas you can admire leopard sharks. The dive depth is between five and 30 meters.

3.) Sail Rock – The underwater paradise

In addition to Koh Pung and Stonehenge, Sail Rock also enjoys great popularity among divers. No wonder, after all, here you can see hard corals, sting rays, bat fish, and ball fish. Diving to a depth of 18 meters.

Diving-break? This you can do!

No question, the area Koh Lipe is a true Eldorado for divers all Fasson. But you can also fill immersive days here with exciting or relaxing activities.

The beaches and secluded coves of the island are undoubtedly one of the most beautiful in Thailand, so you can relax with sunbathing. If you are interested in a small snorkeling tour, you can take a trip to Tarutao National Park. Appropriate tours are usually offered several times a day.

But also a small detour to Malaysia is quite worthwhile. So the Malaysian island of Langkawi is just about an hour from Koh Lipe. The mangrove swamps of the island are worth a visit!